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The Story that Propelled Perfect Resume into the National Spotlight

From Unemployed for 3 Years to Hired in 30 Days

A Brand New Resume

Leslie's 3-year struggle with unemployment was so severe, her story was covered nationally by Yahoo.com's Remake America series, a reality-style documentary that chronicled the lives of several workers around the country who were battling unemployment.

Leslie's resume wasn't getting results, so she came to us for help. We helped her understand how her resume was generic, poorly written, and did not play to her strengths as a salesperson. We rewrote Leslie's resume from scratch using our proprietary resumeCREATION process.

Our process uncovered several new skills, strengths, and accomplishments that were previously not included on Leslie's resume. This new information allowed us to create a customized document that leveraged her industry specific skills and accomplishments. We also made sure her new resume was filled with all of the important keywords that are critical to have for a resume in her industry.

A Revamped LinkedIn Profile

Leslie knew very little about LinkedIn when we began working with her. After educating Leslie about the power and importance of LinkedIn, she decided to purchase our LinkedInREVAMP service . Using many of the same techniques that we did on her resume, we created a profile that highlighted her impressive accomplishments and track record of success in several different industries. Her new and improved LinkedIn profile also made it easier for recruiters to find her. Leslie devoted some time each day to build and grow her professional network, building her connections to over 500 people! Soon, some of these connections started contacting her for interviews and one even hired her in the end!

A Well-Coached Interviewer

Like many of our clients, Leslie struggled with words, lacked confidence, and did not know how to properly market herself in interviews. So we gave Leslie some useful tools and strategies to use in our interview STRATEGY session with her.

With some practice and coaching, soon Leslie was beaming with confidence. After her interviews she called us elated that the strategy and techniques we provided worked so well.

If you're not getting these kinds of results from your resume, your LinkedIn profile, or your interviews, we encourage you to give us a call. You might find like so many others that with the right team on your side, you're just weeks away from your dream job.

Testimonials - Some Words from our Valued Clients

"I love the service I received from Perfect Resume! About a year ago I had my resume everywhere (even with a temp agency) and was getting little to no response. I worked with Perfect Resume to revise my resume and had a new job within 2 weeks! I've recommended Perfect Resume to all of my family and friends." - Tracy T.

"I got a job using Perfect Resume and so did one of my friends who I referred to them. If that doesn't prove that Perfect Resume is an outstanding service I don't know what does!" - Noel C.

"You said my resume would get results and you weren't kidding! It's been less than 2 weeks since I received my resume from Perfect Resume. I already had a first interview this week and am scheduled to have a second interview next week." - Andrew H.

"I had to email you guys to let you know I just accepted a job offer today. Thank you so much!" - Todd E.

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